Thursday Thanks. Helping #9.

Thursday snuck up on me, but it’s never too soon to climb up in my Thanksgiving Chair.

Thanksgiving Chair

Here’s a quick dish of things I’m thankful for this week:

* Doc McStuffins No-Bake Muffins. Full disclosure. I saw the segment on Disney Junior. I thought they sounded ahhh-mazing. So, I spun it this way: the boys could help me make them and we’d share a fun snack. Case did help me put them together, but guess who’s eating her way through the entire tray solo? Anywho. Make them. (I used raspberry preserves. Walnuts instead of raisins. And I was a tad heavy-handed with the coconut.)

* A hubs who fills the second grader’s lunchbox–napkin to nummies to note. Because he’s much better at being on time than me. And because he loves doing it.

* Solid ear buds when there’s office construction. Worn-out playlists that never wear on me.

* Friends who leave surprise bananas on my desk.

* The man in our office building’s lobby store who had pistachios on the shelf at 3:04 pm yesterday.

* The car radio, with DJs and commercials, the soundtrack of my commute. Does anyone besides me still love driving old-school style?

So, in a nutshell, I’m grateful for food & music.

And these Disney Digression bits.

Disney quotes

What about you? What are you thankful for today?

Thursday Thanks. Helping #3.

I’m happy to curl up in my Thanksgiving chair today.

Thanksgiving Chair

So much to be thankful for. Like our family’s Friday movie night. I’m way outnumbered in this house and we watch a lot of Star Wars. But last Friday we settled on The Lion King. Woot! For a skinny minute (the boys can’t sit for long because they like to act out the scenes) we were all snuggled and still on the couch. Whole.

We talked Jeff into replaying this epic beginning a few times on full blast. Movie magic.

Lion King
Disney Digression

Any takers on the lyrics? (No Googling!).

This is my favorite way to sing it is:

NAhhhhh, Savannah. Motorola! Mitsubishi, Honda! You’re singing now aren’t you?

And, speaking of magic, I snapped this pretty shot of our street this week.


I’m guilty of slipping into house envy and saying,  too often, “We need new carpet. We need a new dishwasher. We need a pantry that was not designed by a man!” No we don’t.

We have this.


1491 square feet of messy, crazy, love-worn fun. It’s home. A home where we’re free to learn and play and worship any way we please. Thank goodness.

Here’s to sweet freedom and the greatest home on earth.

What are you thankful for this July 4th Thursday?

Thursday Thanks. Helping #2.

From my Thanksgiving Chair :

Thanksgiving Chair

This week (and every week) I’m grateful for pizza night. Every single Wednesday, we have pizza. This means no cooking, no dishes and no one making a decision about dinner. Yay!


We’ve had angry weather this week–tornado warnings, “excessive lightning” and delicious humidity. But I’m grateful for summer storms. They cool the day, green the grass and give me a chance to share this cute Disney Digression.


Mostly, though, I’m thankful we have boys. Boys mean you find rubber frogs in the dishwasher. Legos in the utensil drawer. And you say things like: “please watch where you’re peeing!”

With boys, there’s always a brotherly brouhaha. A round-the-clock ruckus. And they say things like: “you’re the most beautiful mommy ever” (even if you’ve just peeled yourself off your pillowcase, no proof of beauty sleep in sight).

Then, boys have summer camp and dress-up-like-a-bug day. With boys, you don’t have any buggy headbands or glittery wings. Nope. With boys, you have these:

Light Sabers

(P.S.: We did not buy all of these sabers. My sweet cousin Alaura, our rockstar babysitter–and another reason I’m thankful this week–brought a bag full of The Force with her last weekend.)

So, for a bug day with boys, you get some long, black socks and rifle through the closet for a cool shirt. Dad digs his beanie out of the winter drawer. And you make a spider.


Or, Case says, “a tarantula.”  Dun Dun Dah:


(Filtered for more drama)

And boys? They think this feeble attempt is picture-worthy. Thank goodness.


Then you tuck that boy tarantula into class with a squeeze and a smooch.

And boys, my boy, says: “Momma? You’re my happy thought.”

How about you? What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Thursday Thanks. Helping #1.

Say hello to my little friend.

This lil’ fella sits on my bookcase at work.

Thanksgiving Chair

He’s my Thanksgiving chair. I ordered him after I heard a message about a human-sized Thanksgiving chair—one that we should all (metaphorically) sit in as we waddle/push/sprint through life.

What I heard that day was this: the key to big miracles is being thankful for the small ones.

When life’s no fun—whether you’re swirling in a self-inflicted stupid storm or you’re just being pelted by the universe and there ain’t nothing you can do about it, sit in that moment in your Thanksgiving chair and look again through grateful eyes. Look for the good.

There’s a reason my bud is perched in primo real estate—directly in my eye line—in the room where I spend a lot of my awake hours. I need a daily reminder.

(Disney Digression)
(Disney Digression)

So, every Thursday, I’m going to settle in to my chair and share something(s) I’m thankful for. Nothing’s too trite (can I get a “squee” for comfy-cute shoes?) or too obvious (I woke up? In one piece? Yay!).

As a chronic, self-inflicted stupid storm sufferer, I can’t wait to share, out loud, what I’m grateful for. Hope you’ll join me, too.

This week, I’m thankful for our summer schedule—which means there’s no 8am bell to beat. We’re still rushing to get out the door. And, in those moments, I’m grateful for frozen waffles and the boys’ detangling spray that douses their bed head in a skinny minute.

I’m thankful for after-work sunshine, those magic beams that light up the street for play. I’m grateful that my husband, who’s barely in the door before the boys are pushing him back out of it, will lace up his sneaks and chase a training-wheel-free bike around the block.

Bike 1



I’m especially thankful for Lindsay Edwards this week—my encouragement and blog knowledge guru—the push I needed to go public with my notes.

So, how about you? Share your Thursday Thanks. I want to hear!