Thursday Thanks. Helping #2.

From my Thanksgiving Chair :

Thanksgiving Chair

This week (and every week) I’m grateful for pizza night. Every single Wednesday, we have pizza. This means no cooking, no dishes and no one making a decision about dinner. Yay!


We’ve had angry weather this week–tornado warnings, “excessive lightning” and delicious humidity. But I’m grateful for summer storms. They cool the day, green the grass and give me a chance to share this cute Disney Digression.


Mostly, though, I’m thankful we have boys. Boys mean you find rubber frogs in the dishwasher. Legos in the utensil drawer. And you say things like: “please watch where you’re peeing!”

With boys, there’s always a brotherly brouhaha. A round-the-clock ruckus. And they say things like: “you’re the most beautiful mommy ever” (even if you’ve just peeled yourself off your pillowcase, no proof of beauty sleep in sight).

Then, boys have summer camp and dress-up-like-a-bug day. With boys, you don’t have any buggy headbands or glittery wings. Nope. With boys, you have these:

Light Sabers

(P.S.: We did not buy all of these sabers. My sweet cousin Alaura, our rockstar babysitter–and another reason I’m thankful this week–brought a bag full of The Force with her last weekend.)

So, for a bug day with boys, you get some long, black socks and rifle through the closet for a cool shirt. Dad digs his beanie out of the winter drawer. And you make a spider.


Or, Case says, “a tarantula.”  Dun Dun Dah:


(Filtered for more drama)

And boys? They think this feeble attempt is picture-worthy. Thank goodness.


Then you tuck that boy tarantula into class with a squeeze and a smooch.

And boys, my boy, says: “Momma? You’re my happy thought.”

How about you? What are you thankful for this Thursday?


  1. Cindy says:

    I love reading your blogs and attached photos!
    Mom aka Marmee

    1. Mindy says:

      Thanks for the wicked shirt, Marmee. xo

  2. Aunt Lynette says:

    I love hearing about your boys! It all brings back such wonderful memories of my own children when they were small. I would like to respond by saying that I , too, am thankful for my family. I was adopted at 3 months old, and even though I was a dark cocoa bean in the middle of a white basket of eggs, I never once felt like an outsider. There was always birthdays, Thanksgivings, and Christmas’ filled with family memories! And 23 years ago I added 4 brothers and more sisters to my family that I would never consider “in-laws”. They are my family just as if we were all born into it! I am thankful every time I think of it! Thank you, Lord, for my family!

    1. Mindy says:

      I love this so much and I’m grateful for our family, too. 🙂

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