Table Topic Tuesday. 7/2.

Happy Tuesday to you. It’s Table Topic Tuesday Time!


Table Topics 2

This question seems so simple, right? But it just leads to more questions. What kind of boat? I own it, but do I share it? Naming a boat is almost as serious as naming a child. It has to fit.

This boat has a magical name, eh? A girl can dream. (Disney Digression #1)


And if I owned this boat, I’d call it “Happy Place”.

Tucker, Uncle Tim. Pop, Jeff. Disney Digression #2.
Tucker, Uncle Tim. Pop, Jeff. Excited Strangers. Disney Digression #2.

I snapped this shot from the now-closed Pier in St. Pete. You get in a boat like this to recharge or kumbaya with nature. So something like “The Battery” or “Truce” feels right.

St. Pete

But, if we ever get a boat, it will be one like this—an unassuming kayak that we can paddle through the shallow channels of old Florida.

Crystal River

Tuck piloted this buddy at our friend’s “River House.” The River House is made for reconnecting, slowing down and catching up.

There’s something arresting about being in a kayak. Floating close enough to touch the current is a quiet thrill. When you’re immersed in creation like that, time pauses. Life feels easy. It’s like an unhurried conversation with a dear old friend.

If when we get a boat like this, I’ll name it “Chum”.

To be fair to my fam, with whom I would be sharing said boat, I asked Tucker, Case and Jeff what they’d name our craft. They answered “The Pearl of Revenge,” “The Lion King Boat,” and “The Mindalynn” respectively.

And, of course, my expert panel weighed in, too.

Lindsay says:

If I ever owned a boat {let’s hope for the sake of the high seas that I never own a boat}, I would name it either FAST FEET or A RUNNAROUNDD LIFE. I can’t decide. I think “A Runnaroundd Life” is fun because it’s my blog’s name, and “Fast Feet” embodies the runner and biker in me. 

Lynda says:

I love boats. And when I say I love boats, I mean that I love going out on other people’s boats. Because really, who has time to keep up with the maintenance and troubles and overall responsibility of a boat? I can barely do that with my car. 

I don’t love high-speed water activities. And that includes jet skiing, water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, and all the other crazy antics people get up to on the water. Don’t they know hitting the water at 30mph is like hitting concrete? I just imagine broken arms, legs, and busted chins. No thanks. 

Obviously, I am not what one would consider “adventurous,” so if I had a boat – and that’s a very big if because I’d prefer to just keep mooching off of existing boat owners – I’d name it “The Big Chill.” That pretty much sums up my ideal afternoon on a boat – drifting up a river or circling a lake enjoying the sun, the breeze, and most importantly an icy-cold beverage. None of that would be possible in a boat named “Cheetah” or “Viper” or “Turbo” because your hair would be a mess, you couldn’t keep your drink from spilling, and you’d be gritting your teeth and hoping you don’t get thrown out. At least that’s how my logic works.

So if you see me puttering along in an old pontoon boat named “The Big Chill,” drop an anchor, cast a line, and float awhile. There’s guaranteed to be good tunes, plenty of laughs, and coolers full of icy-cold beverages – koozies provided.

Okay. You’re up! What would you name your boat?


  1. Pop. says:

    WHEN… I own a boat, it will be a sailboat to cruise the islands of the Carribean; hence it would be named “the Black Pearl”… my Disney digression…

    1. Mindy says:

      You and Tuck are on the same page. 🙂

  2. Marmee says:

    If I owned a boat I would name it “Lady Sunset” and watch the sun fade below the horizon every night!⛵

  3. Ashlie says:

    Well, this is easy for me because we did own a boat…a sweet Grady White that we named Miss Ellie after our late dog. She passed soon after we bought our boat, and we were contemplating all kinds of names…one of which was Reel Slick because we bought our boat the summer of the oil spill…not the smartest time to buy a boat, but the salt life called to us. We had not yet committed to a name when Ellie died, so when it happened, there was no question. Ellie loved our boat. She sported her own life jacket, floated on a raft in the sea, and galloped up and down the sandy shores of our little island. So Jason officially became the captain of the Miss Ellie, and every weekend became our family’s escape to a little piece of paradise. Cheers!

    1. Mindy says:

      There isn’t a more perfect name that that. 🙂

  4. Lindsey says:

    “Down the hatch” – stolen from Disney, of course.

  5. Aunt Lynette says:

    If I ever own another boat, I would name it “Solitude”. Because that’s what I’d be headed for!

  6. Steve K says:

    The Love Shack

    1. Mindy says:

      tin roof. rusted.

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