Thursday Thanks. Helping #4.

Oh, hi.

Coming to you live from my Thanksgiving chair.

Thanksgiving Chair

This week has been a stress swarm. Don’t you love how these come at you? Like a fastball screaming towards your face. No time to duck.

C’est la vie? Oui.

So, this week, I’m thankful that I get to hug my parents soon. I’m thankful that a Disney fix is so close I can taste it (Disney Digression).

And, let’s be real, I’m grateful for caffeine. I’m a full-blown addict and I’ll take it any way I can get it. Hot. Iced. Chocolate-covered (beans, of course). At home, we brew whatever is BOGO at Publix. My just-right cup is strong with a generous swirl of half & half.

I really appreciate the mom & pop coffee shops, too. Now I like Starbucks just as much as the next hipster, but there’s something so comfy about a small joe space. A café latte is my pretty sip of choice. Oh, I love the pretty.

Birch Coffee, NYC
Birch Coffee, NYC

Work is hard. Parenting is harder. Life? Hardest.

In the middle of weeks like this, I’m thankful for my job. I play with words, for a brand that I love, and I get to wear jeans and tennies while I do it. It’s a pretty rad gig.


What are y’all thankful for today? Let me know!

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