Thursday Thanks. Helping #6.

Happy Thursday from my Thanksgiving Chair, live from Santa Monica, CA this week.

Thanksgiving Chair

Here for work, I’m thankful to experience this dreamy parcel on the Pacific. The sky feels low and close. This California breeze is a teense nippy, so there are heaters on the hotel patio. Isn’t that the yummiest? A pillar of heat in the chilly air.

But it does make me miss my muggy Florida. And it makes me grateful for swans.

I’ll back up. I didn’t go all Hemingway on you last week. Jeff and I were on a 7-day vacay to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Blogging was brief because we, among other things, had to see about some swans. We stayed at the Walt Disney World Swan hotel, home to a gaggle of swans. They were everywhere. We were giddy. So our Swan Series starts. Cheese!

swan shades

There were suds & swans:

suds & swans

Smiles with swans:

swan smiles

Swan sillies:

silly swan

Sweet swans:

sweet swan

Then, the swans got a little scary.

scary swan

They really were everywhere. So, we started to sneak around them.

sneaky swan

Still scary.

swan shiver

Then, things just got plain ridiculous. Swan Lake, anyone?

swan lake

Swans over the shoulder:

swan boss

My personal favorite–the swan stare down:

swan stare

And the don’t-sass-me swan showdown:

swan sass

And, sigh, the swan song:

swan song

I know. Bird brains. But I’m so thankful for that carefree week when our only responsibility was to revel in each other’s company. We are good at that job.

My Faulkner will be back in full force next week.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. What are you thankful for?

(p.s. Our friend Matt, who inflated the life of his daughter’s huge Hello Kitty balloon, inspired our Swan Series.)


  1. I can’t wait to hear more and see more 😀 We miss you!

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