Table Topic Tuesday. 7/30.

Gooood morning. It’s already Table Topic Tuesday time.


July 30th

My first thought was that there isn’t any incriminating evidence of my ridiculous fashion path–not digitally, anyway. But just in case–just for you–I asked my Mom if she had any pictures of my bangs. She did.

See, I’m a child of the 80s.

Disney Digression
Disney Digression

I layered a neon spectrum of scrunchy socks. And I still love fun socks.

I rocked the Blossom hat. And I still love wearing hats.

I pulled my T-shirts through a plastic circle to lock them in place. That tee tie may have been a fashion fail, but it was pure function.

And then there were the bangs. It started in elementary school.


And they got bigger.

Now, my Mom is a classy-chic lady. She’d never steer me wrong. No. Back then, those bodacious bangs were everything.

big bangs

Don’t feel guilty about laughing. I pitched a silly over this one. My bangs were so big, they had their own shadow. Minus that, I love everything else about this picture.

bang shadowI remember curling half of the bangs back and half of the bangs forward and then cementing them in place–on purpose.

I know that fashion is full-circle, but let’s hope this style wonder never comes round again.

Now that I’ve admitted my tress distress, it’s Lindsay‘s turn:

In my early years, I was quite the trend-setter… or so I thought. Before baggy jeans were cool, I sported them. Before the original black and white-striped Adidas sneaks were sported by every hipster in the halls, I told my mom I just had to have them. And waaaaay before those plastic, stretchy choker necklaces were coveted by all middle school girls, I made them happen — even in gym class. Yes, my style has evolved quite nicely over the years, and I’m sure I’ll look back in 10 or 15 more years and curse the day I bought wedges. But you just never know.

I have to know–what so-cool trends trapped you?

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