Table Topic Tuesday. 9/10.

It’s already Table Topic Tuesday. I’m pumped because I have a few new voices on the panel this week.

And here’s the question:


I am a Pisces.

Disney Digression
Disney Digression

Mermaids are fish, right? Pisces are. Twin fish. There is a duality to us Pisces–a yin and yang. Supposedly, we alternate between the conscious and unconscious, awake and dreaming, reality and fantasy. Guilty as charged.

It’s a water sign and, in my rosy conceptions of myself, I would say that I have a fluid personality. I go with the flow, I mold to the situation and conform to the room I’m currently swimming in. Some may say this shape-shifting is shifty and slippery. I like to think I’m flexible? Or a fickle little fish.

Pisces are feelers–emotion is everything. They want to wallow in their own feelings and yours, too. They are givers, gentle, gullible givers, easily taken advantage of. Spiritual, impressionable, artistic.

And, if I believed in this stuff, I’d be the Pisces Poster Child.

My friends played along, too. Meet Ashlie, a fellow Piscean and one of my bestest friends. She says:

Ahhhh….Pisces. Fishes swimming in a circle…so sensitive, so intuitive, so INDECISIVE I can barley reign my thoughts in to figure out which qualities I have and to what degree. I have always enjoyed saying I’m a Pisces, and I believe in astrology to at least some degree. Of course it is in my astrological nature to believe in such things. I like to believe that I, as Pisces tend to, “See all others as being one and connected to each other regardless of race, culture, or sex.” It is this that is said to be the reason why Pisces may be “psychic, spiritual, and compassionate.” Now that sounds nice. I hope that I have those qualities. But these qualities are also those of my demise. Being able to see all sides of a person or situation can make it virtually impossible to really ever DECIDE on something because I can talk myself into circles (insert Pisces fishes chasing their tails) about almost any situation. See how I had to even say “almost any?” I have to leave a loophole because I can almost never say YES or NO. Ahhh…Pisces.

Lindsay says:

I’m a Libra. A scale. A lover of natural beauty and the promoter of peace and tranquility. HA. I just made that up. I don’t know anything about my astrological sign. It sounds like a bunch of Scientology hocus pocus to me. But knowing what I know (read: my sign is a scale), I’d say I’m a pretty balanced person. I work hard at the balance of work and life — never letting one get heavier or more dominant than the other. It’s something I’m still getting used to in the post-college life and something I think I’ll always be working on. Thing have been going pretty well so far. My stars must be aligned.
Now meet my favorite sister, Lindsey. She’s a Pisces, too, but we could not be more different. (Minus our small obsession with The Happiest Place on Earth–the place where dreams come true. Maybe we are true Pisces.)  She says:

I must admit I’m not sure what the characteristics of my astrological sign (Pisces) are – so I did a little recon. I’m not one to believe that the stars or signs have much to do with personality – mainly because your sign can change depending on the calendar of origin you’re referring to (tropical astrology Pisces feb 19 – march 20 which includes me and sidereal astrology pisces march 15 – april 14 which does not include me). Per the ever reliable source, Wikipedia, pisceans are perceptive, emotional and reasonable.  Also highly sensitive, desperately afraid of ridicule and susceptible to change (as Pisces is a mutable sign).
As it stands, I think being emotional and reasonable are difficult to achieve simultaneously. Highly sensitive and desperately afraid of ridicule? That sounds like most women. I decided to check another source and found Pisces strength keywords: compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted and imaginative. Weakness keywords: over sensitive, indecisive, self pitying, lazy and escapist. Again, it seems counter intuitive to be both adaptable and indecisive or devoted and lazy. Suffice to say I think a few key words from any sign could probably fit most personalities. Perhaps a better indicator would be birth order. Now that description of me (middle child) is always textbook.
Lynda says:
If ever a Table Topic question was designed just for me, this would be it. I’m fascinated by astrological signs. Well, I guess that’s not completely true. I’m completely fascinated with my astrological sign, and I suppose it’s because I identify with it so much. Every quality it lists is a quality I feel I possess and demonstrate on a regular basis. Whomever determined the traits of this particular zodiac sign must’ve had me in mind…and I truly believe that (even though I know these were created way before I graced this Earth with my presence).
I’m sensitive. I’m moody. I’m totally vulnerable. I have a hard outer shell and a hard time showing my true feelings to others. Once I put my trust in you and let you in, I’m loyal to a fault, but as soon as I feel betrayed or hurt, I shut down or retreat back into myself and I don’t soon forget. I love my home. I love being in my home. I am somewhat introverted even though I do enjoy people. My home is my safe place, and I could spend hours there by myself and be totally fine with that. Would love that actually. There’s no better weekend plan than rejuvenating at home without entering the outside world.
And while I put a lot of faith and trust in the power of the zodiac, I take daily horoscopes rather lightly. I find myself not reading them until the day is done just to see how true or correct they turned out to be. Nine times out of 10 they fail miserably, but I like to take the positive, general messages from them to build me up and keep me moving forward. It’s a light-hearted way to end the day, and with an extra emotional and sensitive gal like myself, I need all the positive reinforcement I can get.
What about you? What’s your sign?


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