Table Topic Tuesday. 10/1.

Happy new month! It’s good to welcome October with a Table Topic Tuesday.

Here’s the question:


I was such a finger-wagging, fussy old lady when it came to tattoos. I didn’t love them. I never wanted one. It’s ink in your skin. It’s ink that, one day, will have a showdown with gravity. And lose. But you can never say never.

I, prissy miss, have a tattoo and it has a story. You can read more about my Lucky Charm here.

And I bet you’re wondering if there are any tattooed Disney characters? I had to know. I found these two.

Disney Digression
Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney Digression.
David Kawena (Nani's boyfriend in LILO & STITCH). Disney Digression II.
David Kawena (Nani’s boyfriend in LILO & STITCH).
Disney Digression II.

My friends weighed in, too.

Lindsay says:

I’ve already been branded. Just one. But I hear getting a tattoo it’s a lot like having a baby — in the heat of the moment, you swear to your stars you’ll never do it again. But once it’s over, you almost instantly forget the searing pain and broken fingers of your poor husband/friend who coached you through that horrific experience. And then you want to do it again. Since I’ve never had kids, I can only speculate. I wonder if we could get the Duggar mom to weigh in? I’m off topic. Tattoos. I would get another. I proposed matching tattoos to my sister — the sister who swore would never get one. That was, until I gave her my thoughts on ink #2. Walt Disney World holds a pretty special place in our hearts — special like running, the inspiration for my first tattoo. If and when I get another {whether my big sis is on board or not}, I would get the longitude and latitude coordinates of Cinderella’s Castle probably somewhere on my hand/finger. Somewhere I can always see them to remind me that magic is alive and dreams are reality.

And my other Lindsey says:

Well that’s an easy one. I have 4.  I must say I swore I would stop at one but they are addicting. All four are different but they all incorporate a heart in some way. The first was inspired by a henna tattoo of a heart I got at the Morocco pavilion in Epcot. It’s a “tramp stamp” but way before wedding crashers made the term popular. My second one is a lukenbooth on my hip. Think claddaugh ring without the hands. The crown and heart stand for love and loyalty. I think those are main foundations in life. Third one came with my mom and my sister – though it took some serious convincing for Mindy. I’m sure she will tell this story better than me. My fourth one is a cross on my wrist. I kinda want another one – most likely the name and number of my favorite bible verse, but we will see – I’m running out of places where they have can remain covered – and I have to be somewhat conservative with my job.

And Javier says:

Been there. Wrote that. Read his take right here.

What about you? If you have a tattoo, I want the story. If not, would you ever get one?


  1. Patrick says:

    Sorry, uncle Pat will never be on board. I thought tatoos are for sailors and convicts. BUT, if I did it would of course be Mickey driving a Mustang convertible wearing a Gator #15 jersey drinking classic coke

    1. Alaura Marriott says:

      I want a couple, one of course is Ariel. But probably the coolest tattoo I want is the Elora Dannon birthmark. In the same place, Since that is the movie and character where my parents got my name 🙂

    2. Mindy says:

      If you won’t get the tat, you still need exactly that on a T-shirt!

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