Table Topic Tuesday. 10/15.

Hi there, Tuesday. Feels like a good day for a Table Topic.

Here’s the question.


What do I miss? The 80s. In general. Scratch-n-sniff stickers. Ballet buns built with DEP & dippity do. Requesting songs on the radio. Sweet Valley High. The Babysitter’s Club. Lisa Frank Folders. Trapper Keepers. Double Dare. Mall Madness. Girl Talk. Heads Up 7-Up. My red & yellow Barbie Dream House.

Handwritten-note origami. Memorizing phone numbers. Memorizing choreography in my muscles. Letting a new music beat seep to my blood cells. Oh–and skate night! Teasing and coy with couple-skate partners on the outside. Fretting on how to hold their hand on the inside. Lock palms or lace fingers? Decisions, decisions.

I miss lifting my feet off of my bike pedals and flying down the hill on Hogan’s Run. Putting on matinee performances with my brother and sister in the Living Room Little Theatre. Spending blocks of hours–all-my-own hours–reading, writing and yaking on the phone.

I miss the best ride in Fantasyland.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Disney Digression

Childhood is pure and easy and magic. And it’s more fun when you get to do it all over again.

My friends are up!

Lindsay says:

Better question: What don’t I miss about childhood? Even though my sister and I grew up in a couple different zip codes, our neighborhoods were always packed with kids, especially the cul-de-sac in Raleigh, NC. Not to brag, but we were sort of the cool house on the hill. It didn’t matter if it was before school, after school, in the blazing sun or under blankets of snow, all of us neighbor kids got together and played for hours. I also miss the amazing summers spent at my grandparents’ lake house in New Jersey. Morning tennis and swim lessons, my grandma’s famous waffles for lunch, playing Shark or Dibbles in the water all day long, getting ice cream at the Soda House, going to Song Service on Sunday evenings, then hanging out at the beach for hours afterward. Those lake days were the best days. That’s what my childhood was made of — as well as my mom’s and her mom’s too.

Javi misses 6. Here‘s why.

Lindsey says:

I have so many fond memories from Childhood…I think it is the ability to try so many new things in a carefree perspective. Changing activities was as easy as changing clothes. Adulthood seems so much more restrictive. It was dance lessons in the fall, playing softball in the spring. Cheerleading year round. Participating in choir, band, drama – you name it, I’m sure at one point I did it. There was no real worry in childhood. And making friends was so easy. Share your lunchable – instant BFFs. I guess it’s the simplicity of it which I miss. Oh – and nap time. We should totally bring that into adulthood with us. 🙂

Your turn. What do you miss about childhood?


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