Table Topic Tuesday. 12/17.

Hiya. Didn’t want Tuesday to sneak away without a little Table Topic fun.

Today’s question is apropos for this December Tuesday.


Really, I love any gift I get because it means that someone thought of me and acted on that thought. What’s sweeter than that?

Disney Digression: This is always a good gift idea.
Disney Digression: This is always a good gift idea.

I did get a bad gift once, so I’ll call it the worst. It was a wedding gift. It was a wedding re-gift. Yup. One of our guests was a newlywed. He gifted us a lovely set of champagne flutes. I was tickled pink when I opened up the box–until I saw that a scrap of the original wrapping paper was still taped to the underside of the box. Just a wee triangular piece wagging at me like a 4-year-old sticking his tongue out. Nanni nanni boo boo.

Seriously? How do you wrap over old wrapping paper and not notice? Plus, if he had scrapped the scrap, I would’ve never known it wasn’t handpicked and purchased just for me.

I’ve had my fair share of gifting groaners, too. I gave the worst gift ever just last year. I thought I’d be all cute and sweet and plan a horseback riding adventure for Jeff and me. I’ve known the man for 14 years, we’ve been married for 10 and in my mind, he was a horse whisperer. His dad grew up on a farm, grew up riding horses, grew up to raise them and show them. I thought horse-love thundered through Jeff’s blood and I’d be wife of the year for orchestrating this romantic trail ride. Cowboy: take me away.

It was supposed to be a surprise. But he saw the signs as we got close to the farm.

Are we going horseback riding?

Maybe, I grinned and shrugged and batted my eyes.

I really don’t like horses, babe.

Colossal gifting fail. I felt so awfully silly, I called and cancelled right then.

Those are my worst gifts. My friends weighed in, too.

Lindsey says:

Unsolicited advice.

Lindsay says:

First off, I’m an awesome gift giver. Homemade this. Crafted that. I even made a spiral bound book once. The happy tears pour every birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day. It’s a gift, really. But don’t get me wrong. There are doozies in my past. Let’s start with the elementary school Fruit Loop ornaments… that my mom still has. That says a lot about one of America’s favorite breakfast foods, yeah? Should I tell you about the time I re-gifted an entire soaps & lotions basket? Thoughtless. But time was of the essence. How about when I went all ‘nature’ on my sister and stuck some fallen leaves on wood and called it a picture frame? She probably forced herself to forget that one. I know I’m not alone, though. While I can’t remember ever receiving any truly horrible gifts, there was one time when I got a heinous shirt from a family member. Ever see those tops that are the size of wash cloths but stretch out to 8x their size when you put them on? They’re usually in loud, offensive colors that resemble the texture of bubble wrap? A walking funhouse, if you will. You know the ones I’m talking about. I almost laughed until I realized this was, in fact, a serious gift. Memorable, to say the least.

What do you say? Worst gift you’ve ever gotten or given?

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