Thursday Thanks. Helping #11.

Happy Thursday from my Thanksgiving Chair.

Thanksgiving Chair

This week, I’m thankful for football season–the season of sausage balls, 7-layer dip and orange-on-purpose.

I’ve relinquished the remote, surrendered Saturdays (and Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays) and put in picks for the office pool. One of our college teams is winning. Our pro slate is clean. And I’m still drinking the Kool-Aid that is the collective hope of a brand new season. If this feeling were a flavor, it would be grape. Err. Orange.

big orange

I’m grateful for last-minute, late-afternoon drives over to Disney–just to catch Fantasmic. It’s always great to get there because the kids still squeal when they see the sign. But the car ride over is half the fun. Checking off landmarks, lobbying for the song you have to hear next, refereeing the two goobers in the backseat. And, just after you’re sure they’re going to maim each other, you bust them.


PSA: Disney is empty on Labor Day weekend. We had dinner at the Prime Time, which is usually impossible, we walked right on Star Tours twice. And we had front row seats for the show. PSA 2: With front row seats, you will get wet.

Disney Digression
Disney Digression


Today, I’m also thankful for a poem one of my best friends shared with me a couple decades ago. She knew my soul’s cargo then. So many times, when I’m lacking the words, I go back to these.


If you have to be sure, don’t write.

You’re up. What are you thankful for today? Nothing is too simple or small or obvious.