Table Topic Tuesday. 10/8.

Happy Tuesday to you. Ready for today’s Table Topic? It’s a good one.


What doesn’t make me laugh? I’m easily amused. Zero to Teary (with a chance of tinkle) in 2 seconds flat.

And, when it comes to jokes, I have a four-year-old’s humor. Want to hear a few of my favorites? Yay!

Why was the bee flying through the air with his legs crossed? He was looking for the BeePee station!

Ba-Dum. Chhh.

Why was the little strawberry crying? Her parents were in a jam. Awwww.

Why doesn’t Snow White have an iPhone? She’s afraid of apples! (C’mon. This one’s a keeper).

I laugh hardest with people. As long as a person has material to entertain with, I’ll keep feeding them giggles. If the people in the car next to mine are laughing, I’ll help myself and smile right along with them. And is there anything more fun than being in a room full of chortling, tittering strangers? Nope. Even though I’ve sat through the same bits dozens of times, the audience participation always makes for brand new comedy on the Laugh Floor.

Laugh Floor
Disney Digression

Funnies in written form are a taller order. Unless it’s Erika Botfeld’s wit, this piece by David Sedaris or Cake Wrecks.

Cake Wrecks

Funny. Every. Single. Time.

My pal Lindsay weighed in, too.

To be honest, there are few things that don’t make me laugh. It’s my thing. I laugh really easy, and I cry really easy. Both can get me in trouble. I’m one of those that’ll bust a gut over just about anything — a silly cat video, a competitive game of Apples to Apples, bad things happening to other people, memes that make me go, “THAT’S SO TRUE!,” and friends who have no shame when it comes to a wide open dance floor. I, however, wouldn’t go near one without a drink in my hand for fear of others laughing at me rather than with me. I speak from experience. But laughter that brings me to tears — face-to-face with my favorite emotion — comes from being around confident, genuine people who can have a great time doing anything, anywhere. Those people are born with the gift of funny. I’m lucky enough to have people like that in my life. They keep the tears flowing and the good times at an arm’s length.

a runnaroundd life

Your turn to spill it. What makes you pitch a silly?