Thursday Thanks. Helping #3.

I’m happy to curl up in my Thanksgiving chair today.

Thanksgiving Chair

So much to be thankful for. Like our family’s Friday movie night. I’m way outnumbered in this house and we watch a lot of Star Wars. But last Friday we settled on The Lion King. Woot! For a skinny minute (the boys can’t sit for long because they like to act out the scenes) we were all snuggled and still on the couch. Whole.

We talked Jeff into replaying this epic beginning a few times on full blast. Movie magic.

Lion King
Disney Digression

Any takers on the lyrics? (No Googling!).

This is my favorite way to sing it is:

NAhhhhh, Savannah. Motorola! Mitsubishi, Honda! You’re singing now aren’t you?

And, speaking of magic, I snapped this pretty shot of our street this week.


I’m guilty of slipping into house envy and saying,  too often, “We need new carpet. We need a new dishwasher. We need a pantry that was not designed by a man!” No we don’t.

We have this.


1491 square feet of messy, crazy, love-worn fun. It’s home. A home where we’re free to learn and play and worship any way we please. Thank goodness.

Here’s to sweet freedom and the greatest home on earth.

What are you thankful for this July 4th Thursday?