Table Topic Tuesday. 7/23.

Happy Tuesday, y’all. It’s already Table Topic Tuesday time.

Drum roll, please……


This is a fun question. I’ve officially been driving more than half my life. Gulp. So, there were a lot of roads to retrace. Highways, tunnels, bridges, dirt roads, non roads. And there’s a lot of beautiful in my rear view.

There were many miles logged on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Salt-of-the-earth simple. The biggest quiet you’ll ever hear. Yummiest air you’ll ever breathe.

Parkway 2

Now that I’m gone to Carolina in my memory’s lane, let’s go to the South Carolina Low Country. Here, we were lucky locals. We drove down the Battery, but we also biked it, at least once a month. This street is the stuff Southern stories are made of.


“Beautiful” is flexible word, right? I think I can stretch it to cover this guy.

south of the border

Seeing him means we’re en route to reunite with family or friends.

And I’m always in awe every single time we drive into THE city.

NY city

Although my best drive, as a passenger, was in a Tomorrowland Speedway race car. That was a beautiful thing.

Disney Digression
Disney Digression

Now as a Floridian, I feel like all of Florida is one palm tree-lined postcard. Even my commute is lovely.

And, shocker, I’m going to totally sap out. But there’s one road I’m always the most happy to turn down and that’s the one that goes home.


It’s always paved with promise.

the hood

And here’s Lindsay. ( I love this.)

I love and dislike this question. It makes me thankful for all the beautiful places I’ve been lucky enough to visit, but sad because all I really want to do right now is hop in my car and pay them a visit again.
One of my favorite drives to take is down the 1 mile private road to my grandparents’ lake house in New Jersey. The lake off to the right. The houses to the left — some hidden on a hill or behind the trees. The sun trying to shine through the canopy of trees that cover almost the full mile. It says, “Welcome home. Welcome back.” every time I make the drive. Even if just for coffee in the morning. Twenty summers in a row I spent there. Driving back and forth, back and forth. Up and down the lake road — my lake road. The one with a 17 mph speed limit and stone pillars guarding its entrance. The same stone pillars after which it was unofficially accepted and expected that you take your seat belt off and enjoy the lake road breeze. We always say our camp has the best spot — second last on the one mile road. And I never fully appreciated that drive until the past few years when I could no longer spend a full season soaking it up. Estling Lake Road means a lot to me, and it’s the most beautiful and wonderful road I’ve ever traveled.
Jersey mile
Your turn. What’s the most beautiful drive you’ve ever taken?