Thursday Thanks. Helping #22.

I haven’t snuggled up in my Thanksgiving Chair in way too long. A new year is a good time to be grateful out loud, right?


Today, I’m thankful for words of wisdom from my Dad. He is full of choice nuggets. Things like: Excuses are like butt holes. Everyone has one and they all stink. (His version is a teense more colorful than mine). Or: I only expect your best. But I know what your best is. (Can’t tell you how fun it’s been to share that gem with my own children). My favorite, though, has always been: words are powerful.

Words have been my livelihood, my love and my lifeline, so this one sticks to my ribs like a proper biscuit. Words are powerful. Words can wound you or save you. They are bridges and fences. A wee word spark can roast an entire forest. They are expressions of the core of our hearts. Words are powerful. So, when I saw a sweet friend review 2017 by her word of the year, I wanted to jump on the trendy train and embrace one word to live by for all of 2018. But, of the gazillion gorgeous words in the universe, which one would I choose to measure a year?

HOPEFUL. My word this year is hopeful.

I’m hopeful that, this year, the boys will choose Legos over screens, outside over Legos and time with us over everything else. I’m hopeful Tucker will keep group-texting Jeff and me when he gets good news, uncovers something new or has a silly thought. I’m hopeful Case will keep hugging me with all the squeeze he’s got.

silly outside

I’m hopeful that 15 pounds of wrinkles and a foot of tongue will keep bringing us together in ways I haven’t imagined yet.

Meet Ozzie Wyatt Adams, our new pup!

I’m hopeful that the Volunteers have a good season. God is still in the miracle business. I’m hopeful this year is filled with Disney Digressions: meet ups, dress-ups and Dole Whips.

I’m hopeful that this year means more corn hole victories, JENGA towers and firepit chats. I’m hopeful for less late nights and more date nights. A girl can dream. I’m hopeful that this work we do, this advertising stuff, will move business, sure. And, hopefully, move a few moods, minds and hearts along the way.

I’m hopeful that last year’s razor-edged grief, with its macho pushy points, will be worn down to a meeker, smoother, manageable mass. I’m hopeful that I’ll stop counting holidays as the first-without or the last-with and, instead, revel in the hope that, on the other side of earth’s horizon, there’s a celebration that will never end.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be more cautious with my words, more careful with my decisions and more reckless with my love.

I’m hopeful for this year that brings new family, new adventures and, God willing, new life.

I have this hope.

Thursday Thanks. Helping #21.

My teensy Thanksgiving chair is in serious need of a warm up. I can’t remember the last time I sat still in gratitude. So, today’s the day. I’m settling in my chair, thankful for all of the friends who keep my heart cozy.


My husband Jeff wasn’t a runner when he registered for a marathon. I’m thankful for the friend who bet him to do it–and then coached him through the training and doubt and nipple stickers.

I’m thankful for my friend who followed Jeff’s race progress from across the country, grounded me in goodness and then video-chatted with a Texas-sized toast after he crossed the finish line.


I’m grateful for the friends who believe in starting bus sing-a-longs, post-midnight pajama dance parties and sangria breakfasts.

Disney Springs Digression

And what about the friends who notice things and, in a single snapshot, capture the best bits of your kiddos? Your favorite little pieces of life: boy fingernails, fresh freckles, untamed hair, airborne feet.


Photos by the incomparable Erika B.

There are friends who are fountains, not drains. Friends who put your furniture in their truck and drive all the way out to the burbs for you. Friends who know what to say and when to pray. I’m so grateful for them today.

Are you thankful for a friend?

Table Topic Tuesday. 8/6.

Are you ready for the question of the Tuesday? It’s Table Topic Tuesday time.


Today’s question is perfect because we’re out in LA, filming a Thanksgiving commercial for Publix. So turkey has been top-of-mind.

I love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving stars the best food. Stuffing.

Thanksgiving kid crafts are the best. Hands-down.

Turkey Crafts

Thanksgiving time at Disney is the best. Cooler temperatures. Lighter crowds. Pumpkin Mickeys. C’mon.

Autumnal Disney
Disney Digression

Thanksgiving traditions are the best.

What was Tuck thankful for last year? Jeff. (Known as Dad).
What was Tuck thankful for last year? Jeff. (Known as Dad).
Thanksgiving Tree
Thanksgiving Tree

From the feast to the football, it’s an unassuming holiday. Thanksgiving has no agenda. It’s a day when you do nothing productive and everything important.

It’s the one day that we only have one thing to do. Give thanks.

My friends love Thanksgiving, too. Here’s what they say.


Lindsay says:

If I answered with “the food,”, would that be too obvious? My family never makes a big fuss over Thanksgiving. Over the years our Thanksgivings would rotate locations as we all moved up and down the east coast — a bunch of gypsies, we are. If we traveled around the holiday, we’d bring the festivities to the closest family member’s neck of the woods. Pies and smiles in tow. So, I’d say that’s my favorite thing about Thanksgiving — the uncertainty of whose dining room we end up in. This year? Well, it’ll be a mystery until about a week before we say Grace. And I can’t wait.

Lynda says:

Thanksgiving…seriously one of my favorite holidays.  Actually, it is my favorite holiday.  Better than Christmas, better than Labor Day, better than all other holidays in my opinion.  And I’m not quite sure why.  I’m not a huge foodie.  I’m rather quite picky when it comes to food.  I don’t even like turkey all that much.  But there’s one thing I absolutely love, and I usually only eat it one time a year.  And that one thing is stuffing.  I love stuffing.  Specifically, my grandmother’s stuffing.  It probably stems from the fact that my grandmother spoils me, as all good grandmothers do.  She has her own recipe, but every year due to my pickiness, she’d make a special separate stuffing all for me that left out all the things I wouldn’t eat.  She was really too good to me.  Nowadays, my taste buds have improved slightly, and I’ll eat the stuffing everyone else eats.  But I know that she’d still make a special version for me, if I wanted her to, because she’s the best grandma.  And her stuffing is the best.  If you ever want to make her special version, here’s the recipe.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.
You’re it. What do you love about Thanksgiving dinner?